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The AMG Distinction

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    Every Mercedes-AMG engine is hand crafted according to its “one man, one engine” philosophy.

    At the heart of Affalterbach, Germany lies the assembly plant that takes pride in manufacturing the AMG models. Our highly qualified engineers assemble the engines singularly by hand, adhering to the philosophy of “One man One Engine”. Ensuring that each engine is handled by a single user from the beginning of installing the crankshaft in the engine block to the assembly of the camshaft and oil fill-up – finally entrusting his signature on the engine plate.

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    AMG Distinction

    The heart of an AMG lies beneath its skin, but distinctive design reflects its great performance on the road. Seen from the outside, it is the sharpened profile, the well-defined sporty proportions and the technical details that distinguish an AMG. Even when static, our vehicles state clearly what their real purpose is: Driving Performance.